Monthly Archives: September 2011

Really? His Yoke is Light?

People always ask me if I’m nervous about moving to Africa. My response is always the same: “Nervous? Between signing my life away and trying to find someone to notarize it, making copies of and organizing all of our legal documents, discussing life insurance policies with my hubs {ahem, The Beneficiary}, learning about 401-Ks so that my 25 year old brain can wrap itself around what percentage of my retirement I should risk in investment, and trying to decide between disposable and cloth diapers for once I start pushing out babies in the Sub Saharan bush… I’m too busy to let myself be nervous!” My mind spins endlessly with check lists and lately I’ve started to feel panicky at the thought that I’ll accidently board a plane leaving some loose ends untied.

Being an anticipator has often times been my strong suit, but it frequently leaves me restless. Yes, I do sleep well at night, but I’ve started to do so with my jaw clenched tight. I drift into what I assume will be a peaceful slumber, but my anxiety manifests itself when I’m sleeping and my guard is down. I wake the next morning, not feeling rejuvenated and energized, but achy and sore. As I massage my cheeks and try to remember not to chew gum throughout the following day, it’s a convicting reminder that I don’t trust God with the finite details of my life. With $21 in the bank and a $155 car insurance bill due next week, I can assuredly say that God will make provision for that need. But I am not at a point in my faith where I feel that if I forfeited some of today’s to-do list, that God’s grace is great enough to get me through tomorrow’s too. Yet God is faithful and still He beckons, “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

If I am to be an accurate representation of the One I am going to tell the ends of the earth about, I must be consistent in living my life in a way that showcases His greatness. Stressing myself out with the vanishing details of today convinces no one that Christ can be trusted for peace of mind, much less for salvation. I must throw off all things from my person that hinder the world from knowing Him.