Monthly Archives: February 2012

Out with the Old

Leaving your family behind in obedience to God has its perks. Like that one time when Jesus promised one hundred fold and eternal life to those who leave their homes, families, and mother land for His name’s sake {Matthew 29:19}. That is not to say that walking away from the familiar is without heartache and shed tears… but I mean, a hundred-fold? And life never ending? C’mon.

It was hard to say goodbye to my family. Some people call it “see ya later,” but I’m a realist and I call it like I see it. Leaving for four years sometimes feels like “see ya never,” because let’s be real, a lot happens in four years. People grow old, some die, babies are born, friends are married off… and it’s a hard pill to swallow watching life at home go on without you.

Leaving America on January 4 meant that we had to say goodbye during the Christmas season. Instead of focusing on how hard that was, we disciplined ourselves to be grateful that God allowed our last days at home to be filled with cold weather and our entire families being together. God graced me with the presence of mind to use that time to make new family traditions since we were all undergoing a substantial life change. We laughed, we cried, we shared, we hugged, we tasted, we experienced, we loved. Enjoy some photos from my best Christmas yet.

From the top, left to right (like a book): Granny’s hysterical laugh during Skype/FaceTime lessons; Bobby roasting Ethiopian coffee beans; me preparing African peanut sauce and fried halloumi for Christmas dinner; me and Mama throwing ourselves a February birthday party in December; one of our many trips to Starbucks; Dad excited about chocolate covered bacon; Bubba enjoying his new UT door mat; Anniston getting sweet late night kisses from Aunt Maridith