{written on 10.14.10 by my husband}

98 Clicks North of Rumbek

“Crazy day. Sudan is like no other place I have ever seen. In my humble 27 trips around the sun, I have lived with the country folk of Tennessee, the cutters of North Carolina, the urbanites of Paris, the natives of South America, and even Texans. But none of this gave me any point of reference for my encounter with the Southern Sudanese.

Here, if I were a natural man, I would rattle on about poverty and the like but that is not what I saw and that is not my call. There was PAIN in the eyes of these beautiful people and longing in their hearts. They trust their bellies to the half-dozen social mission organizations here, but to whom do they trust their SOULS? Is Christ the answer only to those who have radios and paved roads? MAY IT NEVER BE. Christ has entrusted their souls to the church… to you! What more needs to be said? Get up, shake off the world, and be the church as she was intended to be – the beautiful bride of Christ. With our knuckles taped, we go into the darkness and FIGHT.

My Dinka brother told me this today: ‘With life in Christ there is no fear.’ My man has lived through 40 years of war and unspeakable suffering, but still he is strong. Why? because he is weak, Christ has made him powerful. I ask you, what the crap are you scared of? What keeps you from living your life in Christ? Sometimes the fight is within and sometimes without. Paul said he beat his body to make it his slave. The church is no show bride. She is a no holds barred bride. We must first take this fight within. If we allow the Spirit to purify the body of Christ, we will see it transformed into the fierce force that is the only hope of the lost world.”

-Robert Lane 


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  1. What a beautiful beginning to your website. Thank you both so much for sharing. Please know that Mr. Sam and I are here for however we might be able to help you. You will be close in our hearts, thoughts, and prayers as you go to training and then transition to the field. As you go, may we not forget to pray and to give. We love you both dearly!! mrs. vicki

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